Farrell Lenoble

Farrell Lenoble


Farrell Lenoble has been exploring the various methodologies in the fitness world for about a decade. After experiencing a back injury from an ego-fueled weightlifting accident, his training shifted dramatically toward the world of movement. In this journey he stumbled upon a school of movement called Animal Flow, which is a quadruped based system that mimics the movements of the animal world. At the advice of everyone around him, Farrell tried out yoga for the first time in 2012 and became hooked. Since then he has developed an obsession with handstands and loves to share his love for hand balancing with the world.

Farrell enjoys teaching a variety of modalities, his certifications include: Animal Flow, Barefoot Training Specialist, Pre/Post Natal, Trigger Point Therapy, Kettlebell Athletics, Functional Movement Screen, TRX and ViPR. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also working towards his 500 hour yoga teacher certification. His mission is to help people develop a better understanding of how their bodies work, so that they can travel safely on the journey to reaching their individual goals.

Outside of the training world, Farrell can be found teaching yoga, doing handstands in the park, meditating with crystals, or lounging at home with his best friend, Babycat.

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