Katrina Lalley

Katrina Lalley


Katrina is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and writes programing that focuses on correcting posture and muscle imbalances, building a strong core, and everyday movements for functional fitness. Katrina loves making fitness fun and personalized and enjoys helping others reach their goals with a variety of exercises to keep the training experience new and exciting.

Katrina feels that exercise is something that gives her energy and joy, and has always had a passion for an active lifestyle. She grew up in Montana, spending her days horseback riding, skiing in the winters, hiking and swimming in the summers. She loves taking a range of different classes like yoga, kickboxing, free-weight circuit training, and even HIIT/cross-fit types classes. Katrina loves to show people how fitness can be fun and rewarding without taking hours out of their day. Seeing people notice a change and gain confidence, while promoting self-love and a positive mindset is what drives Katrina in this profession.

Outside of her work, Katrina has a passion for cooking as well as spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and enjoying the sunshine with her dog Wilbur.

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