One-On-One and Private Group Fitness Training

Private Personal Training

Our unique system of team training means that you don’t just get one personal trainer, you get the whole team! Gone are the days when you have to wrangle your schedule around one busy trainer; now you can train with flexibility! Our fitness manager will meet you once a month to spearhead your program by working with you to schedule the particular mix of one-on-one training, classes, and at-home workouts that suit your needs. You’ll also do monthly assessments to check-in on your progress and update your program as needed. You’ll benefit from getting to work with a team of trainers with a variety of backgrounds and specializations to give you the most well rounded, comprehensive program possible. Now that’s synergy!

Chose from package pricing or save even more and get the benefit of increased accountability with monthly training memberships. Schedule your complementary consultation with our Fitness Manager today to find the plan that’s best for you!


Private one-on-one sessions offer the highest level of personalization and guidance available. Whether you need hand-holding or an extra-hard push, one hundred percent of your trainer’s attention will be on you and your workout.

All Levels and Abilities

All of our nationally-certified trainers are passionate about helping you reach your goals and discover your best self, whether that means getting stronger, losing weight, improving balance and mobility, training for an event, or just setting up a regular self-care routine. We have experience working with all fitness levels, from lifetime athletes to those who have never worked out a day in their lives, from those who wake up every morning feeling great, to those who struggle with chronic pain. We have a diverse team of qualified trainers and physical therapists that can help you.

Private Groups Available Too!

Maybe small group training is more your style and you want to form your own private group? Collect a cohort of your friends, family, and co-workers, and we’ll form a private group and program just for you! All the energy of small group classes, plus the fun of working out with your friends!


Monthly assessment and scheduling session with fitness manager comes complimentary with packages of 4 or more sessions. We offer 55 and 30 minute sessions.

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