Physical Therapy Integrated Fitness Programs

Combine the arts and sciences of Physical Therapy and personal training for the most well-rounded program in Asheville!

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, and are experts in the restoration and optimization of human health and movement.

Our personal trainers carry a range of certifications in human movement and corrective exercise, and know how to make fitness fun!

Working together, our team of passionate professionals will create a customized program suited to your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to rehab an injury, resolve chronic pain, or just improve your athletic performance, we can get you there, faster.


Eclectic Modalities of Therapy and Fitness

Our Physical Therapists and personal trainers use manual therapy, neuromuscular exercises, strength training, proprioceptive training, corrective exercise, and education, within our respective scopes of practice, to provide the best treatment possible.


What to Expect

A combination of physical therapy sessions and workouts with a trainer best suited to your specific goals and needs, as determined by our physical therapists after an initial consultation session.

Conditions We Treat:

Strains, sprains, stiffness, and general pain, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, TMJ, headaches and cranial pain, bulging or herniated discs with subsequent localized or referred pain, rotator cuff injury, impingement syndromes, tendonitis/tendonosis/tendinopathies, bursitis, arthritis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow, ulnar neuropathy, general wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, breathing impairments, extension dysfunction, sciatica and piriformis syndrome, SI (sacroiliac) pain and dysfunction, patellofemoral pain/runner’s knee/general knee pain, cartilage loss, pain associated with meniscal tears, post-op rehabilitation for ACL/PCL reconstruction, total/partial knee replacement, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, pes planus (flat feet), shin splints, foot pathomechanics (forefoot varus, valgus, rearfoot varus, valgus, plantarflexed first ray, etc.) and more…

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