Small Group Personal Fitness Training

Small & Personal

All of our small group personal fitness training classes are limited to only four participants, so you get all the personal attention, guidance, and specialization you need to reach your fitness goals. Your trainers will get to know you as a person – your motivation styles, your goals, your limitations, and your background, and then will plan group workouts around all participants needs and desires. This is not like those pre-choreographed routines most gyms offer – it’s truly small group personal training.

Fun, Supportive Environment

Here at Vitality Fitness Asheville, we strive to build a fun, supportive team environment. Your teammates will be rooting you on, commiserating in the difficulties of getting fit, and celebrating your successes. Celebratory high fives abound!

Flexible & Easy

With our small group options, there’s no need to lock down the same hour on the same day each week. Purchase a monthly subscription or a punch card, and register for classes online as frequently as you want, on your own schedule. Monthly memberships run out 30 days after you’ve taken the first class, while individual and punch card sessions last 6 months.

Don’t see the time you want? We can form private groups around your schedule! Call today for more details.

Monthly Memberships

Monthly Memberships offer the benefit of increased accountability, as sessions expire one month from the day you do your first workout. Use it or lose it may seem harsh – but it definitely works to keep you coming in and keep making progress!

Silver Membership

4 Sessions/Month
  • The perfect membership for those involved in other forms of physical activity, such as specific sports, dance, yoga, or other forms of exercise, who just want to supplement their current routine with a single weekly session.
  • Includes a 20 minute postural and movement assessment (call to schedule).

Gold Membership

10 Sessions/Month
  • Two to three workouts per week is the absolute minimum you need to see results. This membership is great for people who are new to exercise and being active, but serious about seeing results.
  • Includes a 20 minute postural and movement assessment (call to schedule).

Punch Cards

Not ready to commit to a monthly membership? Pay as you go with punch cards!

Punch cards offer more flexibility than monthly memberships, as your sessions will not expire as quickly. This means you will not get as much accountability with your routine, but the added flexibility is better for many people. Sessions expire 6 months after purchase.

6 Sessions


12 Sessions


Tourist Pass

Only $80 for one week of unlimited training! Work out every day and maintain your fitness routine while on vacation!
Vitality Fitness Asheville is the premier one-on-one and small group personal fitness training studio near downtown Asheville. Located right in the heart of the historic Montford neighborhood, surrounded by beautiful Bed-and-Breakfasts and parks!

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