Why Coaching?

The benefits of working with a fitness coach go far beyond just running you through a workout:

Exercise Safely

Proper form and adequate tissue preparation and conditioning aren’t just catchwords –they’re what keep you feeling good and injury free!

Optimize Workout Time

Get the most productive workout in the least amount of time. Some people spend 10 minutes warming up, 40 minutes on cardio, an hour on strength, 20 minutes to cool down and stretch out, spending hours in the gym. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Our qualified trainers can show you ways to warm up more productively and combine cardio and strength training to get an effective, full body workout – in and out in an hour!

Accountability and Motivation

Even if you know how to exercise, who is going to make sure you do it effectively and challenge yourself? A coach will push you harder than you push yourself for better results, while keeping you safe. A treadmill won’t miss you if you don’t show up, but we will!


Your coach will design programs based on both your needs and preferences, and never give you a “one-size-fits-all” program, like you’ll find online and in magazines. It doesn’t matter if you’ve designed your own workouts in the past – even professional athletes need coaching!

Small Group Training

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